2 thoughts on “10strings

  1. Looks very nice! Especially like the bridge (I’ve done drawings for
    something similar but haven’t made it yet), and if a cutaway is
    required, that’s a very ‘flowing’ one. Also good to hear realistic
    comments re initial sound… what is your lower bout size btw?


    • Hi Carey,
      Thanks, I’m glad you like it. The bridge is inspired by Kohno. This wants to be some sort of crossoverguitar. CW, steelstring style wood rosette, jazzy bridge, internal pickup… The bones will be black, the tieblock plate is African Blackwood (same as the FB).
      But appearance aside, the internals and playing geometry/setup are classical. I’ll post better closeup pics and some clips once I finish the guitar in some 4 weeks.
      The upper short length of the bridge is 179mm, width from app. 23 to 28mm.
      LB is 363mm.

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