Started #17

I started working on #17 (16 is a parallel project tackled in lunch breaks). Bouchet bracing, fine WRC top (my first cedar guitar), Indian rosewood back, sides, headplate and bridge, cedrella neck, ebony fingerboard. I am also switching to a slightly enlarged plantilla so I am very curious about the end result.

10 thoughts on “Started #17

  1. Keep posting alex, I started a cedar top myself. but with wengue for back and sides.
    which bracing are you using this time?

  2. nice.
    is that the 5 fan brace and transverse bar under bridge?
    I think im going to stick with the Hauser/torres style for now, untill I can get the hang of it and learn some more facts.

  3. That is the one. So far I built exactly half Torres half Bouchet, and future orders are more Bouchets. I like them equally, about same volume but there are differences in tone and sustain.

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