Fan braced Austrian spruce – Romanian maple

Traditional bracing, Austrian spruce soundboard with Romanian maple body
Brazilian rosewood bridge, African Blackwood fingerboard and headplate
Spanish cedar neck, Gotoh Deluxe tuners.


I’m very happy with the sound of this guitar.  Sweet and transparent tone, with a deep bass and fat trebles when asked for.  It also seems quite microphone-friendly.

Raw recordings before french polishing:

7 thoughts on “Fan braced Austrian spruce – Romanian maple

    • Thank you Frank!

      The guitar is not available, currently i only build on order. The price of an identical one would be 2500e with a 3 years wait.

      But of you are looking for a quick guitar, i have a customer in Germany who is selling a maple (Bouchet bracing) i made a few years ago. The only reason is that it has a 660 scale and prefers to play the 650 i made him more recently. He lives in the west of G so not extremely far. Could put you in touch.

      • Dear Alexandru,
        I have to apologise, your messaage was hidden in social media and I read it only now.

        I am still intrested in the guitar we were talking about. I like thou sound, the nice treble and balance.
        And i have time.
        One of next months I will fly to Bucharest and maybe we can meet and have a talk. You can maybe already explain me your working procedure and if there is a downpayment needed.
        Allow me to wish you for 2017 a nice, succesfull, creative and healty year !


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