Hommage à Romanillos Flamenco blanca

Flamenco blanca, Austrian spruce soundboard and Spanish cypress body.
Jose Romanillos inspired decoration, whom I greatly admire as both luthier and person
small Spanish plantilla, 650mm scale
Cedro neck, V-joint, head plated with Amazon rosewood and bird’s eye maple
“Bois de Rose” Madagascar rosewood fingerboard
rosette background is bois de rose, “the tree” mahogany and 100yo Cuban mahogany; arches side grain flamed maple
hand-made herringbone purfling, all natural colors from more than 10 different species of wood
Brazilian rosewood bridge.

A few soundclips recorded by a classical player not being able to get a flamenco player in a short notice are linked below the photos. Guitar is absolutely asleep being strung for just 1 hour. D’addario EXP46 strings.

3 thoughts on “Hommage à Romanillos Flamenco blanca

  1. Reblogged this on Marius Cruceru and commented:
    Frumoasa! Foarte frumoasa! Cred ca este cea mai frumoasa chitara construita pina acum de Alexandru Marian. Un omagiu lui Jose Romanillos, unul dintre cei mai cunoscuti lutieri de azi. Chitara are insertii care trimit la ornamentarile specifice lui Romanillos. Totul este creat manual și în stil tradițional. Numărul 33, un număr simbolic, numărul răstignirii.

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