New wood

Showing off some exciting recent additions to my wood stock.

-2 sets of very dark and tight Amazon rosewood. It is the first time I see this variety (99% of it seems to be the lighter, reddish sort). Under finish it will make a gorgeous dark, almost black chocolate.

-a set of straight grain, quartered ziricote, something increasingly difficult to find these days. The tap tone is better than I expected, not Brazilian rosewood-metallic but still sustaining. I imagine the sound should be a bit like Indian rosewood.

-3 sets of fantastic bubinga, deep dark red and perfectly quartered, full of silk end to end. This tree must have had a humongous (and very regular) diameter.


An incredible Malaysian Blackwood ebony set

Straight out of the box, a couple quick images of an incredible Indonesian flamed ebony set. The base color is a rich reddish brown covered by a very dense network of ink lines. I’ll repost after it acclimatizes and I plane off the protective lacquer which covers it entirely. I smoothed and wiped some shellac on a back area and it is absolutely stunning. The third photo shows the sides detail, natural color no shellac. Strikingly and strangely similar to the finest Ziricote.




New Amazon rosewood set

Just in a fabulous figured Amazon rosewood set. While this sort of figure is common enough on Madagascar rosewood, cocobolo or ziricote, I’ve never seen any Amazon set even remotely close. Strikingly similar to the finest Brazilian rosewood.

An exceptional matched pair

I just received a truly outstanding pair of Madagascar rosewood sets. They have it all: quartersawn (lots of silk showing here and there), glassy taptone, ink lines, spider-webbing, striking curtain-effect sapwood.

As fabulous as this wood is, these might be the last I ever buy considering the horrendous environmental situation in Madagascar.

Some recent additions to the wood stash

A set of quartersawn Madagascar set with a bit of sapwood. Plain grain but a beautiful, deep dark reddish brown color. Slight black striping figure on the sides.

A set of quartersawn Amazon RW, very nice reddish brown color.

A group of two African Blackwood fingerboards (lower right) quartersawn and of exceptional grain, and six “bois de rose” Madagascar rosewood fingerboards – excellent taptone and moderate density, a perfect match to a denser neck such as mahogany or sapele. Bois de rose soon oxidizes to near black becoming almost indistinguishable from ebony.

Some wonderful Spanish cypress

A new set of beautiful cypress arrived from Spain. The grain is as tight as on fine spruce, with lots of silk, and the smell is amazingly strong. Cypress is still considered by most as the flamenco guitar wood. However, it can make a great classical same as maple or walnut can, bringing a delicate and sweet quality for the trebles. The cypress is also a (visual) symbol of the Mediterranean world, and one of my favorite timbers and trees.

Some more Madagascar

A new Madagascar rosewood set for June. Quartersawn, figured, and pretty much green – the whole house is filled by the wonderful rosewood scent. However, unlike Brazilian rosewood, most of it is lost once the wood is dry.