#29-30 completed photos


Red cedar soundboard, Indian rosewood body
Honduras mahogany neck and heel, Spanish cedar headstock
Brazilian rosewood headplate and bridge
Satinwood and maple purfling with Indian rosewood binding
African ebony fingerboard


Austrian spruce soundboard, Indian rosewood body
Spanish cedar neck with Honduras mahogany heel
Brazilian rosewood bridge and Bois de rose headplate
Satinwood and maple purfling with Indian rosewood binding
black Macassar ebony fingerboard

Both fan braced, soundclips without french polish in the post below.

#28 completed

Austrian spruce soundboard, fan bracing (made from 90 years old spruce), figured Ceylon satinwood body
Brazilian cedar neck, 650 mm scale, with Macassar ebony fingerboard and hard bronze frets
Brazilian rosewood (60 years old) bridge, Madagascar rosewood headplate, Indian rosewood binding
Klaus Scheller engraved tuners.

Soundclip of me trying out the guitar, d’Addario normal tension strings.

#27 completed

German spruce soundboard, Bouchet bracing (mix of 90 and 20 years old spruce), flamed European maple body with 110 years old Cuban mahogany bracing
Brazilian cedar neck, 660 mm scale, with Bois de rose spine and African blackwood radiused fingerboard
Brazilian rosewood (60 years old) bridge, Madagascar rosewood headplate, Indian rosewood binding, maple, rosewood and boxwood purfling.
Rubner tuners with snakewood buttons.

Soundclip of me trying out the guitar, Augustine Imperial trebles and d’Addario basses, normal tension strings.

#26 completed

Swiss spruce soundboard, fan braced, Amazon rosewood body
Brazilian rosewood (60 years old) bridge, Madrone burl rosette and boxwood binding
Honduras mahogany neck, 650mm scale, ebony spine and Amazon rw fingerboard
Rubner tuners with Indian rosewood buttons, Indian headplates.

Soundclip of me trying out the guitar, d’Addario hard tension strings.

Recordings, properly played, but made before the French polish:
Luis de Milan

A visit to Jose Romanillos

Last week I had the immense privilege (with and introduced by my friend Miguel Bernardo) of visiting Jose Romanillos. Back home, the arid and almost deserted hills and towns of central Spain with their bitter wind, and that wonderful old man and his sweet wife seem like an impossible dream. The bad news is the museum in Siguenza has been closed due to lack of support from the authorities. There is some hope it will be moved to an university but meanwhile the instruments are piled in cases in Romanillos’s workshop and the tags sadly piled in a basket. His long awaited book on guitar construction is finished but the publisher has some health problems and we need to wait a little more.

SeƱor Romanillos was kind enough to show us two instruments: his latest (I hope not his last although due to frail health and arthritis he is not really able to work much these days) with a multi-piece very old Brazilian body and a stunning wide rosette, and another made of cypress named Marian after his lovely wife. The rosewood guitar had Torres bracing and gut strings. I was too melted to even properly tune the string not to mention playing anything properly but it sounded quite beautiful, with a sweet yet very clear tone. He also showed us his workshop which was very interesting. Not sure what else to say…

#28 first soundclips – Ceylon Satinwood

-Austrian spruce soundboard, fan braced
-figured Ceylon satinwood back&sides
-cedar neck with Macassar ebony fingerboard, hard bronze (iron titanium) frets, Madagascar rosewood headplate
-engraved Scheller tuners
-Brazilian rosewood bridge

Satinwood is quite a rare, and most beautiful wood. The density resembles Indian rosewood but the taptone resembles maple or ebony. As a guitar, the sound reminds of maple in being open and clean, but warmer with denser overtones. The trebles have a certain sweetness (and bite if asked for) that remind me of cypress.

D’addario strings, first day test, bare wood (and lots of drilling background noise)

Fernando Sor – Mozart variations fragment

Gaspar Sanz – Canarios

Barrios – Julia Florida

Catalin Stefanescu – Neon light